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I am an artist and climate activist. I have a B.A. from Wesleyan University ('91) and and M.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago ('96). My art makes fun of American consumer culture.


I was raised in Paris until I was 8. My Papa would not get a color t.v. when we moved to the U.S. He said it would distort my sense of reality. Look how that turned out! My father, Robin Cody, is a famous and wonderful PNW author. I blame him for all my creative work.

I have shown around the US, and had a 2009 retrospective at the Acadiana Center for the Arts in Lafayette, LA, in a colossal space. I was in the seminal 2004 show “Open House: Working in Brooklyn,” at the Brooklyn Museum, and was in “Illegal Art: Freedom of Expression in the Corporate Age, which travelled around the U.S.  My work has been written up in Adbusters, Advertising Age, Art in America, The New York Times, Flash Art, The Chicago Tribune, Wired, and, and in textbooks ranging from Introduction to Psychology, to Designing Brand Identities, to Business Essentials, to Artforms. 

I have lived in Connecticut (4 yrs), Paris (8 yrs), Chicago (4 yrs), New York (10 yrs), Savannah (2 yrs), and have been back home in the Pacific Northwest for 10 years. My current art activism project is Climate Toothpaste.

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