• School kids can actually learn something on Monday.

  • Teachers can actually teach on Monday.

  • Slackers will have one more full weekend day to make decent costumes.

  • Party throwers will have one more day to get ready. Besides, everyone knows Saturday is the best day to throw a Halloween party.

  • No more Sunday Halloweens.

  • No more Monday Halloweens, which are the lamest.

  • No more Tuesday Halloweens, which are almost as lame as Monday.

  • No more Wednesday Halloweens – the worst for figuring out when to have the party.

  • No more Thursday Halloweens, which are almost cool, but still on a school night.

  • No more waiting for 5 years until Halloween falls on a decent day.

  • Great untold wealth for all. Stores, costume makers, fake spider web factories, bars,
    and pumpkin farmers will ALL earn more, because consumers will spend more.